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Graph Ethereum Wallet Balances with ease

Ethereum Exporter Docker Build Status

A lightweight Prometheus exporter that will output Ethereum wallet balances from a list of addresses you specify. ETHexporter attaches to a geth server to fetch ethereum wallet balances for your Grafana dashboards. Many of you probably want to chart your ERC20 token balances, feel free to use TOKENexporter. If you also want a Bitcoin prometheus exporter, you can use BTCexporter which uses API.

View ETHexporter Github Repo to learn how to get this running quickly within a Docker container.


Run this exporter inside a Docker container with your addresses.txt file mounted to /app/addresses.txt

docker run -it -d -p 9015:9015 \
  -e "GETH=****KEYHERE" \
  -v /myfolder/addresses.txt:/app/addresses.txt \

Ethereum Addresses to Watch

The addresses.txt file holds all the addresses to fetch balances for. Use the format name:address on each new line.


Prometheus Exporter Response

This is the /metrics response from the ETH Exporter with sample addresses.

eth_balance{name="etherdelta",address="0x8d12A197cB00D4747a1fe03395095ce2A5CC6819"} 24919.37437
eth_balance{name="bittrex",address="0xFBb1b73C4f0BDa4f67dcA266ce6Ef42f520fBB98"} 687509.5097
eth_balance{name="poloniex",address="0x32Be343B94f860124dC4fEe278FDCBD38C102D88"} 72284.47401
eth_balance{name="kraken",address="0x267be1c1d684f78cb4f6a176c4911b741e4ffdc0"} 159592.0022
eth_balance_total 944305.360280000022612512
eth_load_seconds 1.15
eth_loaded_addresses 4
eth_total_addresses 4

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