Isilon Per Node SMB/NFS Stats


Dashboard gives per node SMB2 or NFS protocol and per node CPU metrics.
Last updated: 4 years ago

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In order for this dashboard to function properly two changes are required within the Isilon Data Insights Connector environment -

  1. Stop the collector daemon process then edit the isi_data_insights_d.cfg file - adding a node specific stat group and their corresponding keys - Add to active_stat_groups: node_proto_stats node_cpu_stats

Then create the corresponding keys within the new stat group: [node_proto_stats] update_interval: * stats: node.protostats.nfs node.protostats.smb2

[node_cpu_stats] update_interval: * stats: node.cpu.sys.avg node.cpu.user.avg node.cpu.idle.avg node.cpu.intr.avg

Then restart the service, which will begin collecting data points for these statistic keys.

  1. Create 3 variables within the Grafana dashboard, once imported, in order to filter the queries to display the metrics properly.
  • Cluster variable - show tag values with key = "cluster"
  • Node variable - show tag values with key = "node" where "cluster" =~ /^$cluster/
  • Protocol variable - nfs,smb2
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