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OpenNMS Minion

Combines OpenNMS Minion statistics from JMX-Minion and SNMP data collection

This dashboard shows metrics gathered from OpenNMS Minion using JMX and SNMP. An SNMP service has to be added to the minion node (i.e. on the localhost interface).

To gather (and see) JMX Garbage collection details, you’ll have to add

        <mbean name="JVM GarbageCollector:PS MarkSweep" objectname="java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=PS MarkSweep">
           <attrib name="CollectionCount" alias="PSMSCollCnt" type="counter"/>
           <attrib name="CollectionTime" alias="PSMSCollTime" type="counter"/>
           <comp-attrib name="LastGcInfo" alias="PSMSLastGcInfo" type="Composite">
              <comp-member name="GcThreadCount" alias="PSMSGcThreadCnt" type="gauge"/>
              <comp-member name="duration" alias="PSMSDuration" type="gauge"/>
              <comp-member name="endTime" alias="PSMSEndTime" type="gauge"/>
        <mbean name="JVM GarbageCollector:PS Scavenge" objectname="java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=PS Scavenge">
           <attrib name="CollectionCount" alias="PSSCollCnt" type="counter"/>
           <attrib name="CollectionTime" alias="PSSCollTime" type="counter"/>
           <comp-attrib name="LastGcInfo" alias="PSSLastGcInfo" type="Composite">
              <comp-member name="GcThreadCount" alias="PSSGcThreadCnt" type="gauge"/>
              <comp-member name="duration" alias="PSSDuration" type="gauge"/>
              <comp-member name="endTime" alias="PSSEndTime" type="gauge"/>

to /etc/opennms/jmx-datacollection.d/minion.xml

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