OpenNMS Basic SNMP data


Display basic SNMP data collected on Linux hosts with OpenNMS >= 25.2.x for use with OpenNMS Helm 5.0.0 in Grafana 6.6 (optionally with R for trendlines).
Last updated: 2 years ago

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Reviews from the community

  • This is really a very nice dashboard and a must-have for any user monitoring Linux boxes with OpenNMS. It's one of the dashboards I won't miss in my OpenNMS / Grafana setup. Very well done!
    August 6th 2020, 4:30 pm
    by Ronny Trommer
    Revision: 10
  • Really great board! A must have when you are using OpenNMS and Grafana! In past, I had the issue, that I didn't get the disk metrics into the board. Right now the complete board is not working. Since I use ONMS 24 and Grafana 6, it could be related to this. I would also suggest adding a data source chooser to be able to select multiple OpenNMS instances. Additionally, you could add the board here: So other OpenNMS users can improve/fix/update the dashboard definitions.
    August 6th 2019, 2:22 pm
    by mfuhrmann
    Revision: 8
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