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Ambassador dashboard for Prometheus

Displays statistics exported from Envoy with statsd-sink or scraped /metrics endpoint.

Get started: https://www.getambassador.io/user-guide/monitoring/

Revision 4

  • Support for both statsd exported metrics and Prometheus scraped /metrics endpoint for Ambassador version greater than 0.71.0. Thanks to @nkrause !
  • Removed Tracing and External Rate Limit service graphs

Revision 3

  • Added Tracing service stats
  • Configurable Prometheus datasource
  • Configurable Ambassador Listener port (if not running on port 80)

Revision 2

  • Added External Rate Limit service stats
  • Requires Grafana 5

Revision 1

  • Global API Requests listener
  • Downstream connections
  • Registered service count
  • External Auth service stats
  • Grafana 4

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