Node Exporter Server Metrics


Dashboard to view multiple servers
Last updated: 4 years ago

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    A simple dashboard configured to be able to view multiple servers side by side.

    Was originally designed to be similar to the default Munin server dashboard. Effort has been made to make the CPU and Memory graphs to look similar to Munin style graphs.


    • CPU (system, user, nice, iowait, steal, idle, irq, softirq, guest)
    • Memory (Apps, Buffers, Cached, Free, Sla, SwapCached, PageTables, VmallocUser, Swap, Committed, Mapped, Active, Inactive)
    • Load
    • Disk Space Used in percent
    • Disk Utilization per Device
    • Disk IOS per device (read, write)
    • Disk Throughput per Device (read, write)
    • Context Switches
    • Network Traffic (In, Out)
    • Netstat (Established)
    • UDP stats (InDatagrams, InErrors, OutDatagrams, NoPorts)
    • Conntrack

    Using negative Y-axes to be able to show both reads and writes in the same graphs nicely.

    Updated 03.05.2017 with sort ordering for node selector.

    Updated 11.07.2017 switched to show disk usage using node_filesystem_avail rather than node_filesystem_free. This avoids situations where the dashboard shows that there is available space while 'df -h' reports that it is full.

    Updated 31.07.2018 supports node_exporter 0.16 as well as older version. For supporting really old versions of node exporter the template variable needs to be altered to use something like up{job="my_job"} since node_exporter_build_info has not been around forever.

    Collector Configuration Details

    Using vanilla prometheus node exporter data.

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