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Docker Host & Container Overview

A simple overview of the most important Docker host and container metrics. (cAdvisor/Prometheus)

The (simplified) dashboard used in this Monitoring/Logging/Alerting Suite:

The screenshot should be pretty self-explanatory. Includes templating for container groups. The original (from the Github repository above) also draws annotations into the graphs by pulling user-defined log events and Prometheus alerts from an Elasticsearch (second screenshot).

Description from the Github repo:

  • This is an out of the box monitoring, logging and alerting suite for Docker-hosts and their containers, complete with dashboards to monitor and explore your host and container logs and metrics.
  • Monitoring: cAdvisor and node_exporter for collection, Prometheus for storage, Grafana for visualisation.
  • Logging: Filebeat for collection and log-collection and forwarding, Logstash for aggregation and processing, Elasticsearch as datastore/backend and Kibana as the frontend.
  • Alerting: elastalert as a drop-in for’s Watcher for alerts triggered by certain container or host log events and Prometheus’ Alertmanager for alerts regarding metrics.


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