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FLEXlm License Manager `lmstat` license information.

The main goal of the flexlm_exporter is to expose all information showed by,

$ lmutil lmstat -c <port>@<fqdn> -a or $ lmutil lmstat -c <port>@<host1>,<port>@<host2>,<port>@<host3> -a for a triple redundant license server configuration, and $ lmutil lmstat -c <port>@<fqdn> -i

The following metrics are displayed:

  1. flexlm_lmstat_info: A metric with a constant ‘1’ value labeled by arch, build and version of the lmstat tool.
  2. flexlm_server_status: License server status labeled by app, fqdn, master, port and version of the license.
  3. flexlm_vendor_status: License vendor status labeled by app, name and version of the license.
  4. flexlm_feature_used: License feature used labeled by app and feature name of the license.
  5. flexlm_feature_used_users: License feature used by user labeled by app, feature name and username of the license.
  6. flexlm_feature_expiration_seconds: License feature expiration date in seconds labeled by app, feature name, licenses, vendor and version.
  7. flexlm_reserved_groups: License feature reserved by group labeled by app, feature name and group name of the license.
  8. flexlm_reserved_issued: License feature issued labeled by app and feature name of the license.

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