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This Dashboard displays MLR, No signal and Bit Rate underflow events from Bridgetech VB220 probes through snmp traps.
Last updated: 5 years ago

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Influxdb format example:

name: btech_stat time host type type_instance value

2017-11-09T08:44:31.65109979Z RUBL-3-VB220 mlr_error 75

2017-11-14T08:09:43.87758571Z M9-MFTV-3 br_uflow 1

2017-11-13T23:53:02.486077844Z RUBL-3-VB220 no_signal 1

Snmptt format:

EVENT btechTrap . "Status Events" Normal

FORMAT New trap VB220 $*

EXEC /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/ $R "$6"

Perl script, what get data from snmp trap and put them to influxdb:

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