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Deepstream Enterprise Dashboard

A dashboard for deepstream enterprise that shows metrics over time such as messages, connections, cluster size and CPU usage.

This dashboard is for use with deepstream-enterprise and needs to be backed by an InfluxDB instance.

Typically it will be easiest to use a Logstash agent to push your deepstream data to InfluxDB, for this, the Logstash configuration could look as follows:

input {
  http_poller {
    # List of urls to hit
    # URLs can either have a simple format for a get request
    # Or use more complex HTTP features
    urls => {
      local_deepstream => "http://localhost:7070/"
    # Maximum amount of time to wait for a request to complete
    request_timeout => 5
    # How far apart requests should be
    interval => 10
    # Decode the results as JSON
    codec => "json"
output {
  influxdb {
    codec => "json"
    send_as_tags => ["serverName"]
    use_event_fields_for_data_points => true
    db => "deepstream"
    measurement => "deepstream"
    data_points => {}
    host => "<Your InfluxDB URL>"
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