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Swagger-Stats Main Dashboard Revision 3
Last updated: 10 months ago

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swagger-stats Main Dashboard

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swagger-stats traces REST API requests and responses in Node.js Microservices, and collects metrics per API Operation. swagger-stats detects API operations based on express routes. You may also provide Swagger (Open API) specification, and swagger-stats will match API requests with API Operations defined in swagger specification.

swagger-stats exposes Prometheus metrics per API Operation, using labels like method="GET" and path="/pet/{petId}", so you may use Prometheus and Grafana for API monitoring and alerting

This Dashboard is a summary top-level view on API Operation metrics provided by swagger-stats.

Prometheus Queries using swagger-stats metrics

Get Request Rate, Error Rate, Success Rate

sum (irate(api_request_total[1m]))
sum (irate(api_request_total{code=~"^5..$"}[1m]))
sum (irate(api_request_total{code=~"^4..$"}[1m]))
sum (irate(api_request_total{code=~"^2..$"}[1m]))

Get % of errors

( api_all_errors_total / api_all_request_total ) * 100

Get Apdex Score

How Apdex Score is calculated: Apdex Score

) / 2 / sum(irate(api_request_duration_milliseconds_count[1m]))

Get Request Rate by Method

sum by(method) (irate(api_request_total[1m]))

Get % of request answered within threshold, over time

Use le="XX" to set threshold, i.e. le="25" for % of request answered under 25 msec. Values of le should be from the list of bucket values specified in swagger-stats option durationBuckets

( sum(irate(api_request_duration_milliseconds_bucket{le="25"}[1m])) /  sum(irate(api_request_duration_milliseconds_count[1m])) ) * 100

Get Top 3 API Calls by Path, over time

topk(3, sum(irate(api_request_total[1m])) by (path))

Get Top 3 5XX Errors By Path, over time

topk(3, sum(irate(api_request_total{code=~"^5..$"}[1m])) by (path))

Get Node.js process CPU Usage %


Get Node.js process Used Heap in MB