Teamspeak 3 Metrics (InfluxDB)


Visualize collected metrics of all virtual server instances of a single Teamspeak 3 server using InfluxDB and Telegraf in combination with the telegraf-teamspeak3 executable script.
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A single Teamspeak 3 server is able to host multiple virtual server instances. Depending on your license (Free, NPL, AHP, etc.) you are allowed to create more than one of those virtual server instance. Keep informed about the clients, bandwidth usage and packetloss using Telegraf and InfluxDB in combination with Grafana to visualize all key metrics of your virtual server(s). The metrics are collected via Teamspeak 3 ServerQuery which is a powerful command line interface to manage and monitor your (virtual) servers.

The necessary Telegraf executable is available on GitHub:

Collector Configuration Details

Get Started

Make sure you have InfluxDB and Influx Telegraf up an running on a server that is able to reach your Teamspeak 3 Server Query. You will need a Go compiler and Git to clone and build the telegraf-teamspeak3 exec script.

Get & build the Telegraf script

Compilation: Set $GOPATH and use go build to build the collector script

Configure Telegraf

Go to the Telegraf configuration (usually located under /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf and head to the input section in the configuration file. Find the exec plugin and add the absolute path to your built telegraf-teamspeak3 collector script. The script allows three arguments for configuration:

  • -server
  • -username
  • -password

By default server is set to, username is set to serveradmin and password remains empty. If you are running your Teamspeak 3 server with basic configuration and default ServerQuery user on the same server where you have installed Telegraf, you only need to specify your ServerQuery user's password (e.g. -password="1234"). Just append the arguments behind the absolute path to the executable in your input/exec configuration section of Telegraf.