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k6 Load Testing Results

A dashboard for visualizing results from the load testing tool, using the InfluxDB exporter

k6 Load Testing Results screenshot 1
k6 Load Testing Results screenshot 2
k6 Load Testing Results screenshot 3


A nice-lookin’ dashboard to visualize load testing results from the k6 load testing tool. Currently requires InfluxDB. See the k6 docs to set this up.

Version History

Version 1 - 06 July 2017

  • Initial Release

Version 2 - 18 July 2017

  • [Feature] Added drop-down for selecting any http_req_* metric exposed by k6
  • [Feature] Added row of singlestat panels to show global aggregate values, whereas the graphs show how these values change over time
  • [Feature] Added Requests per Second panel
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where heatmap was using aggregated values instead of raw values, causing inaccurate results
  • [Bug] Worked around issue where heatmap would fail to render with values of exactly 0. Logged Grafana issue
  • [Tweak] Updated line chart to use max, p95, p90, and min aggregators to match k6 CLI output
  • [Tweak] Updated line chart to use base 2 scale to more easily spot outliers

Version 3 - 18 July 2017

  • [Bug] Fixed issue where heatmap panel was not using templated value, so it was always pinned to http_req_duration


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