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Grafana + Snap

Utilizes Snap to collect telemetry from personal computer and selected websites (intelsdi.slack.com and snap-telemetry.io).

Snap is an open telemetry framework designed to simplify the collection, processing and publishing of system data through a single API. The goals of this project are to:

  • Empower systems to expose a consistent set of telemetry data
  • Simplify telemetry ingestion across ubiquitous storage systems
  • Improve the deployment model, packaging and flexibility for collecting telemetry
  • Allow flexible processing of telemetry data on agent (e.g. filtering and decoration)

This dashboard will utilize Snap to gather telemetry surrounding computer performance and status of http://snap-telemetry.io and intelsdi.slack.com. Visit these sites, as well as github.com/intelsdi/snap, to learn more.

Find the Snap task here: https://github.com/NichelleBot/Snap-Grafana

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