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Get performance metrics from Consul

This is a dashboard that provides performance data specific to a Consul Server (When using a dropdown menu that shows all available Consul Servers) or some metrics specific for the Consul Leader.

This Dashboard make use of the statsd-exporter and using a specific statsd mapper file. This file can be found here: https://gist.github.com/dj-wasabi/d9b31c4b74e561c72512f4edbdfe6927

It provides some of the following:

  • Hostname of the Consul Leader
  • How many Consul Servers are active
  • Some information like CPU Idle and load (Required the node-exporter)
  • Metrics like data written to disk and to other Consul Servers
  • Metrics like tcp/udp messages from/to Consul

This is just a start, so not all covered and there might be better or other ways to achieve something. Please let me know if and how things can be improved.

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