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MySQL Dashboards for Graphite


Percona MySQL dashboards that work with graphite
Last updated: 6 years ago

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Grafana dashboards for measuring MySQL performance with Graphite

These are Grafana dashboards for MySQL to be used with Graphite. They are based on great Percona dashboards for Prometheus. I try to mimic them as close as possible.

Currently, the following dashboards are available:

  • MySQL InnoDB Metrics
  • MySQL MyISAM Metrics
  • MySQL Overview
  • MySQL Replication

Getting all the dashboards

Since it's not possible to upload multiple dashboards, get the rest of them on

Usage and prefix

These dashboards are meant to be used with CollectD as a metrics collector. Provided CollectD plugin must be used to gather statistics and put them in the right prefix.

Default prefix in dashboards is servers.

Collectd configuration

If you don’t already have the Python module loaded, you need to configure it first:

<LoadPlugin python>
    Globals true
<Plugin python>
    ModulePath "/path/to/python/modules"

You should then configure the MySQL plugin:

<Plugin python>
    Import mysql
    <Module mysql>
        Host "localhost" (default: localhost)
        Port 3306 (default: 3306)
        User "root" (default: root)
        Password "xxxx" (default: empty)
        HeartbeatTable "percona.heartbeat" (if using pt-heartbeat to track slave lag)
        Verbose false (default: false)

There is also a host variable which is set to sql* by default(I might remove that in the future). If your server has different name, change is accordingly.


  • Rev 1: Initial upload

Make it better

For all ideas and ways to make it better, please open an issue and I'll do my best to make it better:

Get this dashboard: