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This is a API testing tool. 🚀


  • Supported protocols: HTTP, gRPC, tRPC
  • Multiple test report formats: Markdown, HTML, PDF, Stdout
  • Mock Server in simple configuration, and Open API support
  • Support converting to JMeter files
  • Response Body fields equation check or eval
  • Validate the response body with JSON schema
  • Pre and post handle with the API request
  • Run in server mode, and provide the gRPC and HTTP endpoint
  • VS Code extension support
  • Multiple storage backends supported(Local, ORM Database, S3, Git, Etcd, etc.)
  • HTTP API record
  • Install in multiple use cases(CLI, Container, Native-Service, Operator, Helm, etc.)
  • Monitoring integration with Prometheus, SkyWalking

Get started

Try in PWD

Install it via hd or download from releases:

hd install atest

or, you can install it in Kubernetes. See also the manifests.

see the following usage:

API testing tool

  atest [command]

Available Commands:
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  func        Print all the supported functions
  help        Help about any command
  json        Print the JSON schema of the test suites struct
  run         Run the test suite
  sample      Generate a sample test case YAML file
  server      Run as a server mode
  service     Install atest as a Linux service

  -h, --help      help for atest
  -v, --version   version for atest

Use "atest [command] --help" for more information about a command.

below is an example of the usage, and you could see the report as well:

atest run -p sample/testsuite-gitlab.yaml --duration 1m --thread 3 --report md

consume: 1m2.153686448s

Use in Docker

Use atest as server mode in Docker, then you could visit the UI from 8080:

docker run --pull always -p 8080:8080

Use atest-collector in Docker:

docker run -p 1234:8080 -v /var/tmp:/var/tmp \ atest-collector \
  --filter-path /api \
  -o /var/tmp/sample.yaml
# you could find the test cases file from /var/tmp/sample
# cat /var/tmp/sample


The following fields are templated with sprig:

  • API
  • Request Body
  • Request Header


You could use all the common functions which comes from sprig. Besides some specific functions are available:

randomKubernetesName{{randomKubernetesName}} to generate Kubernetes resource name randomly, the name will have 8 chars
sleep{{sleep(1)}} in the pre and post request handle

Verify against Kubernetes

It could verify any kinds of Kubernetes resources. Please set the environment variables before using it:


See also the example.


  • Reduce the size of context.
  • Support customized context.


  • Only support to parse the response body when it’s a map or array.

Community Exchange

Feel free to talk to us about any questions you may have about API Testing in the following ways.

Mailing List, Feel free to discuss everything related to API Testing via this mailing list.

GitHub discussion

GitHub Discussion


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