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AKS Container Logs

View AKS container logs in Grafana using Azure Monitor.

AKS Container Logs screenshot 1

View AKS container logs in Grafana using Azure Monitor data source. With AKS, you can use Azure Monitor Workspace for Prometheus and Azure Managed Grafana to collect, query and visualize the metrics from AKS. And to collect logs, you can use Azure Log Analytics.

It is not common to use Grafana to visualize logs, but, technically it is possible ! And it is also useful for two reasons:

  1. Use the same tool to look for metrics and logs, even in the same dashboard
  2. Azure Managed Grafana have by default access to Azure Monitor which contains the logs
Google Cloud logs

Google Cloud logs

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Easily monitor Google Cloud logs with Grafana Cloud's out-of-the-box monitoring solution.

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