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Server Metrics (Collectd)

Collectd/Graphite Server metrics dashboard (Load,CPU, Memory, Temp etc)

This is our server metrics dashboard based on data from collectd, which is feeded to a graphite server.

Dashboard metrics

  • available entropy
  • 5min load
  • Uptime
  • Users
  • Temperatures
  • CPU usage
  • Processes
  • Disk usage
  • Disk throughput (MBps + IOPS)
  • Memory Usage
  • Network traffic
  • MySQL Queries (Select, delete, update, insert, cache_hits, replace, total)

Sample collectd (Version 5.5.0) config: collectd.conf

This config use a custom exec script to gather the temperatures from a 3ware raid controller.

Metric Prefix

This dashboard expects the prefix collectd.

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