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Atempo Tina

Dashboard for Atempo Tina Data Protection


This dashboard requires :

  • Tina server version 4.9 or superior
  • Prometheus for scraping

Enable OpenMetrics endpoint

Open Tina webUI then navigate to Settings -> Preferences. Edit Application Parameters.

Activate metrics endpoint then check Enable trusted IP address. Enter the IP address of your Prometheus scraper server.

Click Save to enable your configuration.

Example of Prometheus configuration

This is an example of Prometheus configuration to scrape Tina metrics

Extract of scrape_configs section of prometheus.yml configuration file :

  - job_name: 'catalog@tina-server.yourdomain.com'
    scrape_interval: 5m
    scrape_timeout: 1m
      catalog: ['catalog']
      server: ['tina-server']
    metrics_path: /tina/api/metrics
    scheme: https
      insecure_skip_verify: true
      - targets: ['tina-server.yourdomain.com:25088']

Replace catalog with Tina catalog name and tina-server with Tina hostname as configured in the application. If you have multiple catalogs, you must create one scrape config per catalog.

Replace tina-server.yourdomain.com:25088 with hostname and administration port of your Tina server.

Note: Parameter insecure_skip_verify: true is only required if your Tina server certificate is not valid (self-signed or unknown authority).

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