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Fortigate Prometheus Exporter

A Dashboard for the Prometheus fortigate_exporter

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Dashboard fork from Dashboard ID 14011

Also uses fortigate_exporter made by @bluecmd

This dashboard differs a little from the original mainly changing the old grahp style and adding some customization on the data output (hidding unused interfaces, adding company logo, etc)

SystemCPU, memory, version, uptime, etc
HA ClusterInformation about Fortigate Cluster
InterfaceShows connected interfaces and also all interfaces traffic statics (connected and not connected)
PoliciesShows information about active sessions, bandwidth, hit count and packets by policy
VPNClient VPN connections, IPSec VPN status, Bandwidth
Link MonitoringStatics about configured link monitoring like latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, State Change, etc
SD WANStatics about SD-WAN like links latency, jitter, packet loss, state changes, status, bandwidth, etc

If you want to fork or improve this dashboard
Find the Dashboard in this repo at /networking/Fortigate Prometheus Exporter.json

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