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kernel eBPF hook

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Kubeservice eBPF Exporter

eBPF Exporter is a Prometheus exporter for custom eBPF metrics.

Kubeservice eBPF Exporter motivation of this exporter is to allow you to write eBPF code and export metrics that are not otherwise accessible from the Linux kernel.

This chart creates a Kubeservice eBPF Exporter deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.

Source Code


Kubernetes 1.13+ Kernel 4.15+

Add Helm repository

helm repo add kubeservice-stack https://kubeservice-stack.github.io/kubservice-charts
helm repo update

See helm repo for command documentation.

Install Chart

helm install [RELEASE_NAME] kubeservice-ebpf-exporter

See configuration below.

See helm install for command documentation.

Uninstall Chart

helm uninstall [RELEASE_NAME]

This removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

See helm uninstall for command documentation.

Upgrading Chart

helm upgrade [RELEASE_NAME] [CHART] --install

See helm upgrade for command documentation.


See Customizing the Chart Before Installing. To see all configurable options with detailed comments, visit the chart’s values.yaml, or run these configuration commands:

# Helm 2
$ helm inspect values kubeservice-ebpf-exporter

# Helm 3
$ helm show values kubeservice-ebpf-exporter

See kubeservice-stack/ebpf_exporter/README.md for further information.


image.repositoryimage repositorydongjiang1989/ebpf-exporter
image.tagimage taglatest
image.pullPolicyimage pull policyIfNotPresent
service.typeservice typeClusterIP
service.portservice port80
service.annotationsservice annotations{}
resourcesresource requests of the pods in the daemonset{}
podAnnotationsannotations of pods in daemonset{}
nodeSelectornode selector rules{}
tolerationsnode tolerations- effect: NoSchedule operator: Exists
affinitypod affinity rules{}

Autogenerated from chart metadata using helm-docs v1.4.0

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