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Database Status Dashboard

Redis Enterprise Software Database Dashboards

This dashboard summarizes metrics for your Redis Enterprise Software databases. Some of the available metrics include the following:

  • Latency
  • Memory usage
  • Operations per second
  • Key count
  • Expired keys
  • Connection count
  • Cache misses
  • CPU

Redis Software Dashboards

To effectively monitor your Redis Enterprise Software deployment, we recommend the following Grafana dashboards:

In addition to these dashboards, we recommend the cluster node and shard dashboards:


To view the complete set of available Redis Cloud dashboards, see the Redis Enterprise Grafana Dashboards Github repository.


The Redis Grafana dashboards are supported by Redis, Inc. on a good faith effort basis. To report bugs, request features, or receive assistance, please file an issue.


These dashboards and configurations are licensed under the MIT License. Copyright (C) 2023 Redis, Inc.

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