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Kafka Consumer

Kafka Consumer Java client metrics for Redpanda

This dashboard requires a JMX agent reporting statistics from a Kafka Java consumer into Prometheus.

⚠️ This dashboard has some sample thresholds, this example is not meant to fit all use cases nor is it meant for production. Think of it as a learning tool to help you become comfortable with the metrics and thresholding.

This dashboard focuses on consumers, and it has the following charts:

  • commit rate
  • average fetch throttle time
  • failed auth rate
  • rebalance rate per hour
  • CPU usage
  • JVM memory used
  • JVM GC time
  • bytes consumed rate
  • rate of records consumed
  • bytes consumed rate per topic
  • rate of records consumed per topic
  • fetch request rate
  • fetch size average
  • fetch latency average
  • commit latency average
  • commit rate
  • current connection count
  • node response rate

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