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ITSM-NG complete dashboard

A full featured dashboard to perform reporting on ITSM-NG.

ITSM-NG is a GLPI fork with the objective of offering a strong community component and relevant technological choices.

Setup Grafana dashboard

To install and configure ITSM-NG Grafana dashboard, please refer to our documentation : Grafana dashboard.

Report list

The default provided dashboard contains three different type of reporting :

  • Ticketing
    • Tickets opened per day
    • Tickets per location / category / user group
    • Tickets with exceeded resolution time
    • Tickets with exceeded resolution time last month
    • Tickets with time to open exceeded last month

  • Assets
    • Computers per location / status / warranty / manufacturer
    • Network equipment per type / manufacturer
    • Number of network equipment

  • Financial
    • Total budget
    • Budget per type
    • Expenses per budget
    • Amortizations duration
    • Computers per supplier / amortization type
    • Network equipment per supplier

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