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Nextcloud Logs

Nextcloud audit logs stats

Nextcloud Audit Logs

Visualize Nextcloud Audit and Application logs using promtail and loki.

How to use this dashboard with explanation in blog: https://voidquark.com/blog/parsing-nextcloud-audit-logs-with-grafana-loki ( Promtail config, Query explained, Dashboard Panels explained).

Dashboard track the following:

  • Total Successful Login
  • Total Failed Login
  • Total Failed - Unique IP
  • Nextcloud Log Lines
  • Nextcloud Log in bytes
  • Total Uploaded Files
  • Total Deleted Files
  • Total Moved/Renamed Files
  • Total Accessed Files
  • Total Downloaded Shared Files
  • Total Accessed Shared Files
  • Total Shared Files
  • Total Unshared Files
  • INFO Log Lines
  • WARNING Log Lines
  • ERROR Log Lines
  • FATAL Log Lines
  • Successful Login by User
  • Failed Login by User
  • Nextcloud Recent Log
  • and more detailed status per each section

Source Code

GitHub repo link: https://github.com/voidquark/grafana-dashboards


Created by VoidQuark

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