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JMeter test results influxdb2 standart backend listener

Dashboard for visualizing JMeter metrics in influxdb2

The dashboard allows to visualize JMeter metrics stored in Influxdb2. Dependencies:

  • Grafana 9.0.3^
  • InfluxDB 2.0^
  • BackendListener: org.apache.jmeter.visualizers.backend.influxdb.InfluxdbBackendListenerClient

How to configure:

  1. Create new InfluxDB Bucket and Token.
  2. Configure JMeter backend listener.
   - Backend listener implementation: org.apache.jmeter.visualizers.backend.influxdb.InfluxdbBackendListenerClient
   - influxdbUrl: http://YOUR_INFLUXDB_IP:8086/api/v2/write?org=YOUR_ORG_NAME&bucket=YOUR_BUCKET_NAME
   - application: YOUR_APP_NAME
   - measurement: jmeter
   - summaryOnly: false
   - samplersRegex: .*
   - percentiles: 99;95;90;50
   - testTitle: YOUR_TEST_ID (For example: ${__time(yyyyMMdd-HHmm)}-appname)
   - influxdbToken: YOUR_TOKEN (Note: it should be added manually using add button)
  1. OPTIONAL: Configure backend listener in jmeter.properties or user.properties files: Let’s say we need to generate around 6000 rps in our test, we can set up sending the test result once every 10 seconds by changing the «backend_influxdb.send_interval» parameter. Then we need to change «QUEUE_SIZE» and «backend_metrics_large_window» to 60000 (6000 x 10 s). For good performance it better to use «timed» window mode. That completely cleans up the set of collected metrics after sending, while fixed constantly stores this queue, adds new values to the end and deletes the old ones.
   QUEUE_SIZE=60000                   //default: 5000
   backend_metrics_window_mode=timed  //default: fixed
   backend_metrics_large_window=60000 //default: 5000
   backend_influxdb.send_interval=10  //default: 5 seconds
  1. Add InfluxDB as a data source in Grafana using your bucket and token.
  2. Create a folder for your project if it doesn’t already exist.
  3. Import Grafana dashboard

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