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Hardware Sentry - Host

This dashboard exposes the hardware health and performance metrics collected by Hardware Sentry and Prometheus, the energy usage and cost as well as the carbon emissions of a specific host (dashboard 3 out of 3).


Note: Hardware Sentry is free-to-use for Prometheus and Grafana users. Support plans are available.

Why using Hardware Sentry and its Grafana dashboards?

Hardware Sentry:

  • supports over 100 platforms from the oldest to the more recent ones: Cisco, Dell EMC, IBM, Hitachi, HP, NetApp, Pure, etc. See full list.
  • is a 100% software solution for energy usage monitoring (NO PDUs required).

Key Features

  • Hardware Monitoring: Detect and even predict failures in processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, controllers, power supplies, fans, temperature sensors, etc.
  • Energy Usage: Assess the power consumption of the monitored host, even if it is not equipped with power sensors.
  • Carbon Emissions: Accurately determine the carbon emissions of the monitored host.
  • Temperature: Assess the temperature of the monitored host.

Use Cases

  • Detect all hardware failures
  • Assess the energy usage and carbon emissions of a specific host
  • Detect overheating risks for hosts

Dashboard Metrics

See full list of metrics.

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