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Energy Meter MEW-01: General view #1

The MEW-01 energy meter allows you to control electricity consumption through Wi-Fi. The MEW-01 meter is a 3-phase device, which can be easily installed in the electrical switchboard without additional costs related to the necessity of establishing a special electrical and telecommunications system. MEW-01 is designed for installation in switchboards on the TH35 rail (DIN). The device takes up two modules. The connection of 100A current transformers and the antenna (supplied) is important. If the antenna must be installed outside the switchboard (this applies mainly to metal switchboards), an external antenna has to be used. The antenna has an SMA connector. It is worth noting that MEW-01 makes it possible to measure electricity consumption for one phase as well Transmission and access to measurement data in the cloud. Exporting electricity consumption reports to an Excel file. In addition, they are available in MQTT, REST API, where you can use them in third-party apps.

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