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APC dash pro

Monitor your APC UPS statistics.

I couldn’t find a dashboard that suited my needs (for influxDB v2), so I made my own. Queries could likely be improved upon, but seem to be fine in my case. Displays all the data available from apcupsd plugin from telegraf, after importing check and update variables.

TimeZone = Time zone in UTC AvgKWprice = Price per KW/h InfluxBucket = Your buck where Telegraf saves data
UpsPower = Your UPS power rating in watts UpsName = Name of your ups in bucket, telegraf tries to find them automatically
InfluxBucket = Original bucket
InfluxBucket_ds = Downsampled bucket
Downsample_len = Retention time of InfluxBucket


  • Dynamicly displays data from downsampled and original bucket
  • Finds all UPS’s in bucket
  • Timezones, to correct for window() offsett
  • Data displayed:
    • Monthly power usage (smoothed, daily) + prediction, cost
    • Daily power usage (smoother, hourly) + prediction, cost
    • Live power usage
    • In and Out AC voltage
    • Battery voltage and temperature

More info in GitHub.
Logo is not mine, but was royalty free.

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