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Polkadot and parachains full monitoring

All in one monitoring for Substrate based Relay chain, Parachains and backups

Full integrated dashboard for Substrate blockchains including Polkadot, Kusama and any parachain. If you use it, please add a review that will help improve it! Deployment guide: https://medium.com/bld-nodes/monitoring-multiple-substrate-nodes-polkadot-kusama-parachains-2022-2eb85cdf2533


  • Dedicated monitoring instance: Prometheus + Grafana + Node exporter (reverse proxy to DNS is advised)
  • Nodes: substrate node + node exporter
  • Communication: for a secure and light connection, Wireguard VPN is recommended. But a reverse proxy can also be used if you prefer this solution.

Prometheus config

yml config file has to meet the following requirements:

  • job_name: "prometheus" and job_name: "node_exporter" for monitoring local host
  • job_name: "mainnet" for all mainnet instances (validators, collators)
  • job_name: "backup" for all backups
  • for each instance, targets to the substrate & the node exporter metric endpoint + label chain with the chain name (the name that will be displayed in the dashboard’ A template is available here


I love my work to be useful for everyone, please feel free to send me any comment or feedback:

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