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Moosefs Overview

Use the mfscli command to generate monitoring metrics that can be recognized by prometheus.

Vision requirement

  • moosefs:3.0116

How to use

1.Add the following to the node_exporter startup parameters


reload node_exporter

2.Prepare the mfscli2prom script

check program "mfscli2prom" with path "/bin/sh -c '/usr/bin/mfscli -ns"|" -SIM -SMU -SIG -SCS -SIC -SSC -SQU | /opt/mfscli2prom.awk > /var/log/prometheus/mfscli.prom'" with timeout 10 seconds
        if status != 0 for 2 cycles then alert
$:monit reload
$:/etc/monit.d# monit summary mfscli2prom
Monit 5.30.0 uptime: 39d 20h 24m
│ Service Name                    │ Status                     │ Type          │
│ mfscli2prom                     │ OK                         │ Program       │

4.Check for generated files under /var/log/prometheus/


5.Check whether moosefs metrics are generated in node_exporter

# HELP moosefs_active_quotas_current_inodes Metric read from /var/log/prometheus/mfscli.prom
# TYPE moosefs_active_quotas_current_inodes untyped
moosefs_active_quotas_current_inodes{path="mfs_path_1"} 760242
moosefs_active_quotas_current_inodes{path="mfs_path_2"} 295
moosefs_active_quotas_current_inodes{path="mfs_path_3"} 761

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