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Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring - free kubernetes monitoring

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Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring Dashboard

  • Number of Nodes, Cores, Pods In Cluster
  • Total Size of Memory, File System In Cluster
  • Usage % of CPU, Memory, File System In Cluster
  • Events Summary In Cluster
  • Usage Trend of CPU, Memory, File System, Network In Cluster
  • Top Nodes each a CPU, Memory, File System, Network In Cluster
  • Pod Allocation % of Nodes
  • Top Pods each a CPU, Memory, Network In Cluster

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Examples to test JMSIGHT’s em8g that is a Monitoring SaaS for Kubernetes.

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1. Deploying WordPress in Cloud Native with Kubernetes

Example of deploying to the Cloud Native of various cloud(ncloud, aws, etc.) based on Example: Deploying WordPress and MySQL with Persistent Volumes

2. Open Source Kubernetes Monitoring

Complete Guide to build Kubernetes Monitoring with open sources (Grafana + Elasticsearch + Metricbeat)

3. Kubernetes APM

Kubernetes Application Monitoring (APM) which monitors IT service based on Microservices in Kubernetes.



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Monitor your Kubernetes deployment with prebuilt dashboards that allow you to drill down from a high-level cluster overview to pod-specific details in minutes.

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