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Grafana self-monitoring over InfluxDB


Use Telegraf to collect metrics, InfluxDB OSS 2.x to store them
Last updated: 11 days ago

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Slightly reworked version of Grafana Internals

  • Telegraf (on any host) collecting data from Grafana's native (on by default) Prometheus endpoint
  • Push them to InfluxDB OSS 2.x (tested on v2.3)
  • Same or other Grafana allow you to choose any flux-compartible datasource and show basic stats, aggregated over variable-defined intervals

I don't use proxy right now, so this part is not finished. But you can re-use "Dashboards X Stats" pattern to get same result.

Collector Configuration Details

  urls = ["$INFLUX_HOST"]
  token = "$INFLUX_TOKEN"
  bucket = "$INFLUX_BUCKET"
  organization = "$INFLUX_ORG"
  influx_uint_support = true

## Grafana OSS specific metrics
  urls = ["https://HOSTNAME/metrics"]
  insecure_skip_verify = true
    host = "HOSTNAME"
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