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Apache Camel Data metrics

Metrics that are produced by Apache Camel 1) out of the box per each route 2) manually added to meter the critical parts of the Camel routes

Example of manually set up metrics set up for the Camel route:

Enable routes’ out of box metrics with

io.micrometer micrometer-registry-prometheus 1.1.6 org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-actuator ${spring-boot.version} org.apache.camel camel-micrometer-starter org.apache.camel camel-micrometer ${camel.version}

@Configuration public class MetricsConfig {

public CamelContextConfiguration camelContextConfiguration() {

    return new CamelContextConfiguration() {
        public void beforeApplicationStart(CamelContext camelContext) {
            camelContext.addRoutePolicyFactory(new MicrometerRoutePolicyFactory());
            camelContext.setMessageHistoryFactory(new MicrometerMessageHistoryFactory());


        public void afterApplicationStart(CamelContext camelContext) {


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