MariaDB healthcheck


MariaDB dashboard using ElasticSearch, metricbeat with mysql and sql (sql_response_format=table) modules.
Last updated: 4 months ago

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MariaDB dashboard using MySQL module with status metrics. I used sql.yml module with sql_response_format=table as following:

  • module: sql metricsets:
    • query period: 10s hosts: ["<monitoring_user>:<password>@tcp(<host>:3306)/<database>"] driver: "mysql" sql_query: "select * from information_schema.processlist" sql_response_format: table processors:
    • add_fields: fields: mariadb.alias: "local_instance:3306" # this may be useless, but i use it also in mysql module so I can group documents by mariadb.alias field

Collector Configuration Details

metricbeat modules: mysql: - status sql: - sql_response_format=table

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