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Dashboard for Kubernetes Deployment with Prometheus.

Kubernetes with Argo rollout monitoring dashboard.


  • New version has released. (2022-03-29)
  • Revision 4: Redis Enter + Argo rollout
  • Revision 5: Argo rollout + Istio


  • Author: KAMO (Bread.kim82, Louis.0802, June.bee)
  • Organization: kakaomobility


Dashboard: referring to dashboard 9679, recreated it for argo rollout monitoring. Kubernetes with Argo rollout.

  • Pods information on your cluster.
  • Container Resource Request && Limit status. (per cluster, per namespace)
  • Rollout metrics info (per cluster, rollout, namespace.)


0. install prometheus and grafana with kube-prometheus-stack (helm)

1. Use kube-state-metrics exporter to get metrics of deployed resources.
   (memories, cpu utilization... etc)

2. Use Argo-rollout exporter to get rollout metrics. (name, replicas, etc)
    You should configure annotations for metrics in Argo-rollout.


211214 (~Revision 4)

  • add cpu and memory usages per container.
  • add variables for redis, add redis monitoring graphs (only for redis-enterprise) -> use prometheus scrape option.

220329 (Revision 5)

  • remove Redis Enterprise Monitoring
  • Make it simpler and easier to set (remove variables)
  • Setting for ASM Istio + Argo rollout (You need to edit some variables if you want to use istio monitoring)

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