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Grafana Dashboard to monitor GoldShell Miners

Grafana Dashboard for Goldshell Miner

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This project queries the public, and available Goldshell API, based on cgminer, to obtain useful data about our ASIC Miner, using native telegraf, sending the data to InfluxDB, and finally showing it on Grafana.

No Scripting is required

Getting started

You can follow the steps on the next Blog Post - TBD

Or try with this simple steps:

  • Create a new config file called goldshell.conf under /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/ directory
  • Add the next configuration to it, chaning the IP with your valid Goldshell IP or FQDN
    urls = ["http://YOURGOLDSHELLIP/mcb/cgminer?cgminercmd=devs"]
    data_format = "json_v2"
            measurement_name = "goldshell_stats"
            path = "data"

    urls = ["http://YOURGOLDSHELLIP/mcb/status"]
    data_format = "json_v2"
            measurement_name = "goldshell_stats"
                path = "hardware"

                path = "model"

                path = "firmware" 
  • Save the file, and restart telegraf service

service telegraf restart

  • Download the Goldshell Grafana Dashboard JSON file and import it into your Grafana
  • Enjoy :)

Additional Information

  • Nothing to add as of today

Known issues

Would love to see some known issues and keep opening and closing as soon as I have feedback from you guys. Fork this project, use it and please provide feedback.

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