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Watch performance, errors, latency, and infrastructure metrics for your workload
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A parameterized dashboard for common workload types (deployment, daemonSet, statefulSet) that has charts that pull Prometheus metrics from Kubernetes, Istio, and node-exporter and visualizes metrics in several categories (by panel):

  • At a Glance - A quick view of the health of your Kubernetes-based app (assumes it's web service, so it's mostly Istio metrics like success, latency, etc)
  • RED (Requests, Errors, Duration) - SRE "Golden Signals" that come from Istio
  • USE (Utilization, Saturation, Errors) - SRE "Golden Signals" that come from Kubernetes
  • Infra Resources - POD distribution by host and AZ, HPA metrics, image tag, oomkills, CPU throttling, total deployment allocated CPU's & memory, and more

Select your account, cluster, namespace, and then your workload name, and all charts will render.

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