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Generator MCM 3320

Panel for measurement of Generator model MCM 3320.

Dashboard for Generator model MCM 3320. It’s contains the following metrics:

  • L1, L2 and L3 voltage
  • L1, L2 and L3 current
  • Gen. Available status
  • Average voltage
  • Utility total KW
  • L1, L2 Voltage
  • L2, L3 Voltage
  • L3, L1 Voltage


It’s available the zabbix template what is applicable for this dashboard. Check in: https://github.com/estevamdf2/generator/tree/main/docs/zabbix Name of templates.

  • Template Generators
  • Template Generators MCM

After you import in your Zabbix this template and register the equipament. Back to grafana to fill the fields for loading correct this dashboard

Change data for the fields:


change for the name of your Zabbix Host group


change for the name of your Zabbix host.

After changes your dashboard is done for use.

Zabbix version template: 5.0.5 Grafana version: 7.4.3

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