k6 advanced dashboard


An advanced but still generic dashboard for visualizing results from the k6.io load testing tool, using the InfluxDB and the grafana loki exporter for k6 logs and metrics.
Last updated: 9 months ago

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    This is an advanced dashboard I set up, and I'm using it on a daily basis.

    The idea is that the dashboard scrapes all the different scenarios/groups/requests name tag values from influxdb and allow you to aggregate/filter the way you want. Most of the time, you won't have to deal anymore with custom metrics, just use scenarios/groups and always set name tags for each requests in your k6 scripts. Errors and checks are shown, debug details too along with long requests.

    Warning: if your influxdb is full of different name tags for your requests (which can happen when not setting the name tag for your requests in your script, while you are injecting requests with an always varying URL...), then the influxdb index for the name tag will be full of different values and the dashboard won't load at startup. Just clean up your influxdb and set name tags for your requests! :)

    I will upload some nice screenshots later...

    Hope this helps! nio101@outlook.com

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