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A grafana dashboard to inspect jmeter metrics via prometheus

This is initial version of Dashboard using Prometheus .

It has full of metrices which required to monitor at client side included Jmeter aggregate report as well

Prometheus and Grafana running on different different servers .

Put below changes in JMeter user.properties file in jmeter at /bin #server.rmi.ssl.disable=false #The port the http server will bind to prometheus.port=9270
#The ip the http server will bind to. Containers may need . prometheus.ip= #The delay (in seconds) the http server will wait before being destroyed prometheus.delay=0 #True or false value to save and collect jmeter thread metrics prometheus.save.threads=true #The name of the metric describing jmeter threads prometheus.save.threads.name=jmeter_threads #Collect metrics from the JVM prometheus.save.jvm=true

Note : little data discrepancy you can find ..working on that

Email : vinaykr253@gmail.com

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