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Komodo/Pirate/Equihash - Mining Pool Monitor


Setup to work with any NOMP compatible mining pool server with JSON api available. Just grab all the Prometheus exporters and install on the server.
Last updated: a year ago

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This Dashboard handles all aspects of a NOMP compatible pool server, Full node wallet, I mine Equishash coins so its setup for those wallets, youll need to see if the zcash exporter is compatiable with your coins, or find another exporter if you want wallet stats.

You can see my standard pool dashboard that is super-sized compared to the standard NOMP pool stats page.

Lots of exporters to install, I use a dedicated tiny Lenovo i5 server with lots of ram and ssd drive for Grafana, Prometheus, Telegraf, so not to overload pool server. Keep your exporter scaping to about 10-30s and all is good.

We have a dedicated, private pool for our charity and after major bot attacks i had to watch what was happening closer. So, i developed this for a large 55" TV/Display linked to a windows 11 machine (another Lenovo i5) to view it 24/7 on our main wall.

After installing the worldmap plugin we seemed to have good data up to about 6000 banned ip address, but something happened to our exporters on 2 machines and now they only display about 25 banned ip geo locations. Still working that one out. cleared database and started over with fail2ban, but that didnt help so far. Any ideas?

Collector Configuration Details

exporter.crypto-exporter, fail2ban-geo-exporter, zcashd_exporter, geoip-exporter, speedtest_exporter, iptables_exporter

All available on github. Some of the exporters are pulled in through telegraf.