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Sense Collector - Monitor and Detection

Sense Collector provides a way of collecting real-time data from the Sense Energy Monitor. These Grafana dashboards offer visualizations for detected devices and smart plugs and their wattage, voltage, and amp utilization.

The Monitor & Detection dashboard provides observability of the monitor itself.

Device Detection Status: Represents Device Detection Status for both “Found” and “In Progress” devices.

Wifi Signal Strength - RSSI: Represents the Wifi signal strength of your Sense monitor.

Monitor Details: This panel shows current information about Online status, General Status, Learning Progress, IP Address, MAC Address, Wifi SSID, Wifi Strength, Ethernet, NDT Enabled, and software version.

More details on these Sense Collector dashboards may be found:

Github Project: https://github.com/lux4rd0/sense-collector/

Web Site: https://labs.lux4rd0.com/sense-collector/

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