Purple Air PAII Air Quality


Grafana Dashboard for use with the purple_exporter Prometheus exporter.
Last updated: 2 months ago

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purple_exporter Dashboard

This Dashboard is an example for use alongside purple_exporter. Instructions for setting up the associated Prometheus exporter can be found with the purple_exporter Github repo.

This dashboard displays the following information, as collected from a PAII Purple Air Sensor connected to an instance of purple_exporter.

  • Air Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Ambient Humidity
  • Particle Estimated Mass Concentration for Sensors A and B of particles less than:
    • 1.0 uM in diameter
    • 2.0 uM in diameter
    • 10.0 uM in diameter
  • Particle Counts for Sensors A and B of particles greater than:
    • 0.3 uM in diameter
    • 0.5 uM in diameter
    • 1.0 uM in diameter
    • 2.5 uM in diameter
    • 5.0 uM in diameter
    • 10.0 uM in diameter

As Purple Air asks that API requests be limited to once every 5 minutes, the default, and fastest refresh rate for this dashboard is 5 minutes.

  • Grafana 8.0.4

  • Stat

  • Time series