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Windows Exporter Dashboard

Windows Exporter Dashboard Created By Ismaeil Rasoulivand with love

If You’ve installed windows expxorter already

Open up Control Panel and uninstall windows_exporter from Programs and Features


To use this dashboard you must install windows exporter from here and after that you do not have to do any other thing. dashboard will show what you saw in snapshots.

How you can install windows_eporter to collect data for this dashboard:

  • Download latest version of windows_exporter from here (download .msi file)
  • Open up a command prompt with administrator privileges (Run as administrator)
  • Change your directory where you’ve downloaded .msi file at
  • Run below command :
msiexec /i windows_exporter-0.16.0-amd64.msi ENABLED_COLLECTORS="ad,adfs,cache,cpu,cpu_info,cs,container,dfsr,dhcp,dns,fsrmquota,iis,logical_disk,logon,memory,msmq,mssql,netframework_clrexceptions,netframework_clrinterop,netframework_clrjit,netframework_clrloading,netframework_clrlocksandthreads,netframework_clrmemory,netframework_clrremoting,netframework_clrsecurity,net,os,process,remote_fx,service,tcp,time,vmware" TEXTFILE_DIR="C:\custom_metrics" LISTEN_PORT="9115"
  • Add your VM in to your prometheus server (prometheus.yml file)

You can choose what to collect with ENABLED_COLLECTORS option. to learn more about collectors, look at windows_exporter github page here

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