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HCL Workload Automation uses Grafana to display performance data related to the product. This data includes metrics related to the server and console application servers (WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base), your workload, your workstations, critical jobs, message queues, the database connection status, and more. Metrics provide insight into the state, health, and performance of your deployments and infrastructure. HCL Workload Automation cloud metric monitoring uses an opensource Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project called Prometheus. It is particularly useful for collecting time series data that can be easily queried.


Flexera MonitoringThe number of jobs that ran and Flexera was unable to count
WorkloadJobs by status, Jobs by workstation, Jobs by folder and the Workload throughput by jobs/minutes
Critical JobsIncomplete predecessors, critical jobs, risk level for potential and high risks, estimated end and confidential factor
WA Server Internal Message QueueInternal message queue usage for Appserverbox.msg, Courier.msg, mirrorbox.msg, Mailbox.msg, Monbox.msgn, Moncmd.msg, auditbox.msg, clbox.msg, planbox.msg, Intercom.msg, pobox messages, and server.msg
Workstation StatusThe number of running workstations and linked workstations
Database Connection StatusThe connection to the database status
WA Server and Console - LibertyHeap usage percentage, Active sessions, Live sessions, Active threads, Threadpool size and Time per garbage collection cycle moving average
WA Sever and Console - Connection Pools (Liberty)Average time usage per connection over last, Managed connections, Free connection, Connection handles and Created and Destroyed connections

For more information see our Documentation

Flexera Monitoring


Internal Message Queues

Workstation Status


Note: Version 9.5, Fix Pack 4 is required to enable the following monitoring features:

  • Critical Jobs metric
  • Workstation status metric
  • Database connection status metric
  • Job, Job stream, and Workstation Filters

Earlier versions of the product enable only a subset of the monitoring features available with Version 9.5, Fix Pack 4.

This Dashboard is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.


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