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VPA Recommendations

Vertical Pod Autoscalar Recommendations vs. Utilization vs. Requests & Limits

What’s it all about?

A dashboard to visualize metrics about the Vertical Pod Autoscalar (https://github.com/kubernetes/autoscaler/tree/master/vertical-pod-autoscaler) using the generated Prometheus metrics of the Kube-State-Metrics (https://github.com/kubernetes/kube-state-metrics/blob/master/docs/verticalpodautoscaler-metrics.md)

What do I need as a perquisite?

  namespaceOverride: ""
    create: true
    verticalpodautoscalers: true
  • VPA Installed and at least one VerticalPodAutoscalar CRD is configured against a certain target (check the documentation of the VPA for more info)
  • Optionally: VPA is using Prometheus as a historical query backend to monitor changes over time.

My installation & configurations for the VPA

I am using the Helm chart at https://github.com/FairwindsOps/charts/tree/master/stable/vpa for the installing the VPA. There are other ways to do so. Just thought of sharing my values.yml for customizing this chart as the Prometheus part wasn’t that trivial. You can check my GitHub Gist here https://gist.github.com/sherifkayad/1b4e4df408e1be357168a38e1980b9a5

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