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Synology NAS Details

The Synology NAS Details dashboard provides detailed information as to the operational status of the system(s).

*** DSM 7 - If you are having issues with Prometheus gathering data from a DSM 7 device you may need to change the following line in the snmp.yml file or add it to your generator.xml.

  • max_repetitions: 22 # Defaults to 25, lower it if you are experiencing issues, especially with DSM 7.x

If you have multiple Synology devices (or even just one) check out the Synology NAS Overview dashboard meant to complement this one. https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/14364

This dashboard utilizes Prometheus and the snmp_exporter to gather various statistics from Synology NAS devices. It has been tested on both DSM 6.2 and DSM 7.0 utilizing DS1511+, DS1512+, DS1513+ and DS918+ hardware.

Requires: https://github.com/prometheus/snmp_exporter

Variables utilizing Regex are used to filter which Network Interfaces, File Systems and Services are displayed. You can enable or disable them from appearing in the dashboard simply by changing the Regex. Another variable named “interfacebits” allows you to set whether you want your network graphs to show bits or bytes (Megebyte set to 1, Megabits set to 8.).

My snmp generator.yml and the snmp.yml files used by me can be found here.


If you have issues with the DSM Version, Serial Number and the Disk in the Hard Drives section not reporting correctly check your snmp.yml file. Make sure that the following are set to use “type: DisplayString”. Eventhough my generator.yml was configured with overrides they didn’t seem to take affect when generating the snmp.yml file (need to investigate more).

Issue: https://github.com/prometheus/snmp_exporter/issues/650

(everywhere you see diskID in the snmp.yml needs to be changed)

  • name: serialNumber oid: type: DisplayString help: The serial number of this NAS -
  • name: version oid: type: DisplayString help: The version of this DSM -
  • name: diskID oid: type: DisplayString help: Synology disk ID The ID of disk is assigned by disk Station. - indexes:
  • labelname: diskIndex type: gauge lookups:
  • labels:
  • diskIndex labelname: diskID oid: type: DisplayString
  • labels: [] labelname: diskIndex

**Update May 21st 2021 - Fixed an issue with the Synology Systems count and variable.

**Update May 14th 2021 - Fixed a few display issues with the Volumes graph where the min max current for Free wouldn’t update as you scrolled across the graph.

**Update May 7th 2021 - Fixed a couple of display issues if you are using the Light dashboard.

**Update May 5th 2021 - Created a quick glance bar that shows details about the overall operation status of the NAS. Also created a method to show alarms for S.M.A.R.T issues.

**Update April 30th, 2021 - Updated a few mistakes and improved some areas where there was a learning opportunity. Also added some limited SSD Cache.

**Update April 26th, 2021 - Added S.M.A.R.T for disks. This area may not work correctly as I don’t have a drive with errors to test yet. Synology is lacking documentation that could assist in defining the values returned.

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