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ClickHouse internal exporter metrics


ClickHouse overview dashboard for internal exporter. You can contribute here

Requirements (tested, but may work on older versions too)

  1. Grafana - 7 and up
  2. ClickHouse - and up
  3. Prometheus
  4. ClickHouse internal exporter (how to)


  1. Info for: Queries (plus Select/Insert details), IO, Replicas, Merges, Zookeeper, Cache, Parts, Distributed tables, Background task pools
  2. Show both trends and peaks (configurable)
  3. max_over_time + PromQL subqueries to get all peaks
  4. $__rate_interval to correct rate calc between points
  5. Max data points set to 200 for all graph panel
  6. Table with overall info for selected instances
  7. Annotation for restart event

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